adjustable-speed system

  • 调速系统

adjustable-speed system的用法和样例:


  1. Therefore, the adjustable speed system could provide the greater dynamic electromagnetic torque, and largely enhance the dynamic response performance.
  2. This paper discusses the theoretical and experimental studies on the KASKAD 8A A. C. Cascade adjustable speed system which was imported by Guangzhou Water Company from Emphasis ASEA Company.
    本文对广州自来水公司从瑞典ASEA公司引进的KASKAD 8A交流串级调速装置进行了理论和实验的研究。
  3. In order to improve the performance of the AC adjustable speed system and reduce the pollution to power network, a compound control strategy that combines matrix converter (MC) with direct torque control (DTC) is proposed.
  4. KASKAD 8A a Novel Cascade Adjustable Speed System of ASEA Company
    ASEA公司的KASKAD 8A新型串级调速系统
  5. This paper introduces application of giant power fully digital DC adjusting speed system in four rolling mill of medium plate plant of Jinan Iron and Stell Group.

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