adjust value

  • 调整值

adjust value的用法和样例:


  1. This paper discusses many kinds of factors to adjust the center of turbogenerator rotor and the traditional method to calculate the adjust value of center of turbogenerator rotor.
  2. To clean excretive grease clean, the proposal should choose the breast washing a face with clean powerful force, can keep clear of on one hand grease, can adjust value of skin soda acid on one hand.
  3. With the proper motion established creepage calculator, the action adjust value of ever branch was calculated separatedly and was adjusted at the locale.
  4. Finally ,on the basis of interrupt note of AN, wireless network parameters are analysed, adjustive value are provided.
  5. It is a compact unit with a fine adjusting value,to permit replacement without having to remove the flowmeter from the pipe run.
  6. A reasonable adjustment value of the cable forces was obtained according to judgment criterion of the maximum and minimum bending moment of girders and cable towers.
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