adjective - object structure

  • 形宾结构

adjective - object structure的用法和样例:


  1. Turns off all object structure view customizations.
  2. In the phase of domain design,based on UML and ACME ,object structure model and object behaviour model of Electronic Payment software are created.
    在领域设计阶段,采用面向对象 / 构件的方法,结合 UML 和 ACME 两种建模语言,建立电子支付软件的对象结构模型和对象行为模型;
  3. Object and class diagrams depict static "snapshots" of the elements within a system, showing objects' structure, attributes, and relationships to one another.
  4. The object structure, sensor, and the actuator of the AE2000A typical process equipment are introduced, and the network structure and basic control module of the Siemens PROFIBUS host computer control system are discussed.
    介绍了AE2000A典型过程装置的对象结构、传感器、执行器装置,对基于PROFIBUS的西门子现场总线上位机控制系统的网络结构、基本控制模块进行了介绍,并对上位机的编程软件STEP 7、组态监控软件WINCC的组态环境进行了介绍。
  5. Consumption object structure means the consumption expenditure structure of various commodities, the change of which is prominently shown in the fluctuation rule of absolute quantity and relative quantity of income distribution in various commodities.

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