aditus laryngis

  • 喉口

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  1. They found the superior structures (aditus laryngis) particularly primitive, with a voluminous epiglottis covered by the pendular velum.
  2. In most cases, enlarged aditus, destruction of lateral attic wall, erosion of ossicular chain, exposition of horizontal segment of facial nerve and tegmen of attic were found.
  3. Result:All these data are very important for us to master the length of eustachian gorge aditus properly and find out a common rate so as to improve successful rate of inflation eustachiantube meanwhile there is a great practical value for the teaching.
  4. This article introduces the technology of trimming the aditus department of the thin-wall barrel-type piece based on the principles of transversal truncation about the polyurethane rubber.
  5. aditus ad saccum peritonaei minorem
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