adiabatic temperature

  • 绝热温度

adiabatic temperature的用法和样例:


  1. Adiabatic temperature rise is measured by concrete adiabatic temperature measuring device.
  2. Super automatic flowing mortar is studied for gaining low adiabatic temperature rise,high fluidity,pumpability and low cost.
  3. Based on the theory of value engineering and control to adiabatic temperature change of mass concrete,it is proposed four-functions principle for design optimization of GHPC.
  4. The change of adiabatic temperature rise along with age and the effect on temperature field of dam body made by pouring lift by lift, work suspension in summer and water storage are considered in the analysis.
  5. The results show that dynamic recovery and dynamic recrystallization have occurred in pure iron during plastic deformation , which were attributed to adiabatic temperature rise due to shock wave and plastic deformation work .
    结果表明 :塑性变形时纯铁内发生动态回复和动态再结晶 ,这与冲击波引起的绝热温升和塑性变形功产生的绝热温升有关 ;
  6. Main factors influencing concrete adiabatic temperature rise are discussed theoretically. The influences of initial casting temperature, superplasticizer and fly ash on the adiabatic temperature rise and the temperature rise rate of concrete were studied.

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