adiabatic calorimeter

  • 绝热量热器

adiabatic calorimeter的用法和样例:


  1. A new adiabatic calorimeter and its application.
  2. The heat capacity of compounds 1 and 2 was precisely determined with a small sample precision automated adiabatic calorimeter over the temperature range from 70 to 580 K.
  3. Building-up of an Cryoganic Vacuoua Adiabatic Calorimeter ant Muasurerrunts for. the Specifie Hsat of the Standard Sampit-Potassium Chloride at teh Low Temperaturer.
  4. The methods for determination of the melting enthalpy and melting point of higy purity stannum by using precision adiabatic calorimeter are described, and the results are given.
  5. The heat capacities(C_p) of two kinds of gasohol composed of 50 wt% ethanol and 50 wt% gasoline 93~#,and 90wt% ethanol and 10 wt% gasoline 93~# are determined by an adiabatic calorimeter.
    用低温绝热量热计测量了国产93%23无铅汽油和乙醇混合体系(50 wt%25乙醇+50 wt%25汽油及90wt%25乙醇+10wt%25汽油)在78-320 K温区的热容.;用最小二乘法拟合了热容与温度的函数关系
  6. These results indicate that the newly developed automatic adiabatic calorimeter has the ability to imolement the high orecision calorimetric measurements.

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