adhesion test

  • 附着试验,附着力试验

adhesion test的用法和样例:


  1. Adhesion test using cellophane tape and abrasion test using Tabore Abrasion Tester in the quality control of curtain wall glass are also discussed.
  2. Moreover, the blood compatibility of PDMS/O-MMT nanocomposites was evaluated by hemolysis test, recalcification time and platelet adhesion test.
  3. Overspray shall conform to the specified adhesion tests.
  4. Noticeable effects were found in platelet adhesion test, platelet aggregation test and DLG in groups A, B and C (P<0.01,P<0.05),though the effects were better in groups A and B than in group C (P<0.01,P<0.05).
    血小板 (PLT)粘附试验 (PAdT)、PLT聚集 (PAgT)、纤溶酶原(PLG)较治疗前A、B两组降低较显著 (P <0 .;0 1);C组与A、B两组比较有显著性差异 (P <0
  5. Abstract: Based on the previous research of bactericidal property, biocompatibility of Ag+ -implanted pyrolytic carbon was studied by cell cytotoxicity, hemolysis and platelets adhesion test.
    摘要: 在注银热解碳具有明显抗菌性研究基础上,本文通过细胞毒性、溶血和血小板黏附试验综合评价了注银热解碳的生物相容性。
  6. EMI coated surfaces must meet the electrical and adhesion tests in addition to the tests specified below.
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