Adenovirus shuttle vector

  • 腺病毒5型穿梭载体

Adenovirus shuttle vector的用法和样例:


  1. The Pseudorabies virus (PRV) Fa strain gC gene was subcloned into Adenovirus shuttle vector pDC316 through double enzymatic digestion.
    通过双酶切将伪狂犬病毒(Pseudorabies virus,PRV)Fa株gC囊膜糖蛋白基因片段亚克隆到5型腺病毒AdMax系统穿梭质粒pDC316中,得到pDC316-gC。
  2. We also have constructed two shuttle vector plw9,psc11m1 which can recombine to FPV genome.
  3. The recombinant shuttle vector pBacPAK-CTB and pBacPAK-4aa-CTB was co-infected with Bm-BacPAK6 DNA into BmN cells. The recombinant virus was screened, plaque-purified and identified by PCR and Southern hybridization.
    重组转移载体DNA与经Bsu36I酶切线性化的修饰型病毒Bm-BacPAK6 DNA共转染家蚕BmN细胞,然后经空斑纯化、PCR扩增、Southern杂交等方法鉴定出含CTB基因的重组病毒rBm-BacCTB和rBm-Bac4aa-CTB。
  4. As the pMCLacI/neo shuttle vector is a novel bi-functional mutation detection system, apart from be used in above transgenic animal study , it was also used in our study of MNNG-indued DNA damage and repair research.

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