addressing program interrupt

  • 寻址程序的中断

addressing program interrupt的用法和样例:


  1. Supplemental facilities include debug unit for real-time debugging, high resolution tick timer, programmable interrupt controller and power management support.
  2. The paper describes how to write the virtual address programs which ran on VAX bare machines without the support of VAX/VMS operating system.
  3. In this paper, the architecture of the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) System is introduced, and the Local APIC module, I/O APIC module and APIC BUS are discussed in detail.
    本文介绍了高级可编程中断控制器(APIC)系统的构成,并对其中的Local APIC模块、I/O APIC模块以及A-PIC总线作了详细的介绍。
  4. In System/370 virtual storage systems, a program interruption that occurs when a page that is marked"not in real storage" is referred to by an active page.
    在IBM System/370虚拟存储系统中,当一个活动页面引用一个标记为“不在实存储器中”的页面时,系统所产生的一种程序中断。同missingpage interruption, page translationexception。

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