additional load

  • 附加负载

additional load的用法和样例:


  1. So the additional load caused by secure Web Services is still acceptable.
  2. These different machines then start working together to handle the additional load.
  3. Extra warmth from sunlight can put an additional load on the air-conditioning system.
  4. First, working via proxy servers ( from proxy list ) slows download transfer rate and is an additional load on the network and the servers.
  5. All scenarios include an additional load resulting from the use of Exchange Web Services, as well as the use of the Availability service by clients.
    所有方案都包括因客户端使用Exchange Web服务和可用性服务而产生的额外负载。
  6. A homogeneous structure of beam is in continuation and bears additional load; and the displacement of the beam is converted into periodic function.
    将均匀梁结构延拓并加上附加载荷 ;使梁的位移化为周期函数 .
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