additional disk

  • 附加磁盘

additional disk的用法和样例:


  1. An additional disk is used for the EVS SMTP queue directory.
    额外的磁盘用于EVS SMTP队列目录。
  2. Requires additional disk space and changes will diverge between the two copies.
  3. An exception is additional disk space required by the temporary mapping index.
  4. Therefore, messages that are larger than 32 KB require an additional disk write for every 32 KB.
    因此,大于32 KB的邮件要求每32 KB就额外执行一次磁盘写入。
  5. There is a large overlap of the Laptop task with the Destop environment task. If you install both, the Laptop task will only require a few MB additional disk space.
  6. If auditing is set to start automatically, you must either restart the instance with the -f flag (which bypasses auditing), or free up additional disk space for the audit log.
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