addition unit

  • 加法单元

addition unit的用法和样例:


  1. There are two Creative points in my design: one is that in C9318, addition unit is one-bit serial mode. Thereby, completing a decimal BCD code addition operation needs four-clock period.
    本设计的创新之处在于:一、C9318 采用一位串行加法器,即每次只能进行一位二进制的运算,完成一位十进制BCD 码的加法运算需要四个时钟周期,况且BCD 码的校验要等到下一个指令周期时才能完成。
  2. This follows because an additional unit of fertilizer increases output by the MPP.
  3. Added additional unit demand multiplier, which lowers production demand if AI player has the same unit already.
  4. In a typical project, you would define additional unit tests to verify that all critical database objects are working correctly.
  5. But Ferguson's No2 warned yesterday that the players cannot afford to relax, and that in addition United are desperate to win the FA Cup and Champions League.
  6. She has two cars and in addition a motorboat.
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