adding tracks

  • 增加轨道

adding tracks的用法和样例:


  1. Operators of Dragon Runner SUGV have the ability to add tracks for maximum mobility and a manipulator arm with rotating shoulder, wrist, and grippers for dexterity.
  2. Handy playlist management - you may quickly add track or folder, remove, load, save or delete playlist.
  3. There is no markup in this document. You may create some by inserting a comment or adding tracked changes.
  4. However, because you have control over the URL to which the ad points, you can add tracking logic for the ads to your application.
  5. This article explains how you can add tracking numbers to batches of gift certificates or coupons that you create in Microsoft Office Publisher.
    本文介绍如何向在Microsoft Office Publisher中创建的成批礼品证书或赠券添加跟踪号码。
  6. When enabled, Exchange Server 2003 uses MsgTrackLog Sink in the SMTP service to add tracking information about messages routed through the server to the message tracking logs.
    启用此功能后,Exchange Server 2003使用SMTP服务中的MsgTrackLog Sink,将通过该服务器路由的邮件的跟踪信息添加到邮件跟踪日志中。

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