added noise

  • 加性噪声

added noise的用法和样例:


  1. The street itself was ugly, too. It had no pavement and no street light. The railway at one end of Gates Avenue added noise and dirt.
  2. The added dc offset can be eliminated by including CD in series with RD, but the added noise is inherent with this technique.
  3. They only added noise to an already complex suite of specifications, confused customers, and reinforced CORBA's reputation of being hard to use.
  4. Experimental results show that the proposed approach has highly sensi- tivity about add noise,lossy compression,filtering and insert or delete samples randomly.
  5. The experimental result shows that the frequency muhiplier designed by this method can hardly add noise except the theoretic phase noise loss. In addition,the efficiency of the frequency multiplier is relatively high.
  6. Experimental results show the algorithm is robust to common operations on digital audio signal,such as add noise,lossy compression,re-quantify etc,and inaudibility is satisfaction.
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