Added - value Tax

  • 增值税

Added - value Tax的用法和样例:


  1. For strengthenning collecting and management of the added value tax, our country government carried out the gold tax engineering.
  2. Because the version of the direct sale is multiple-level sale and its added value tax is handed in by the company all together, only consider of the private pay for tax.
    直接销售的变种是多层传销,因销售产品增值税由公司统一交纳, 只对销售人员个人交纳税款作节税设计。
  3. Our company accepts various diagrams of nicety accessories and samples processing, and can offer an itemized list of the 17% export added value tax invoice.
  4. In order to create the condition of expanding the added value tax reform in the whole country, how to summarize the experience of the northeast tax reform, is that my text purpose research actively and continuously.
  5. So the reform of tax system should be insisted,tax preference should be further standarded and the preferential policies should be concise so as to keep added value tax scientific and serious.

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