ADC Dry Cargo Replenishment Ship

  • 干货补给舰

ADC Dry Cargo Replenishment Ship的用法和样例:


  1. Generally in dry cargo ship the cargo holds were placed fore and aft of machinery space that was situated at or near the middle of length.
  2. The process of simulation training of alongside liquid cargo replenishment is analyzd.FSA is used to design the process model framework.At last, an example is introduced to prove it.
  3. Submarine(Han Class) Type 092 Nuclear-Powered Missile Submarine (Xia Class) Fuqing Class Fleet Oiler Qiandaohu Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Ship(Fuchi) ...
    中国军队战舰军人军魂人民中国人民解放军海军舰队中华人民共和国驱逐舰护卫舰潜艇核潜艇导弹艇双体隐身鹰击83 ...
  4. The highly advanced production facility of MCID will secure a uniformed dry cargo container of high quality.
    MCID 先进的生产设备为生产始终如一高品质的干货集装箱提供了保证。

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