Adaptive Server Enterprise

  • n.企业版适应性服务器

Adaptive Server Enterprise的用法和样例:


  1. Sybase Some clauses are supported by Adaptive Server Enterprise.
    Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise支持一些子句。
  2. Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere supports a subset of the Adaptive Server Enterprise database options.
    Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere支持Adaptive Server Enterprise数据库选项的子集。
  3. Sybase In some contexts, Adaptive Server Enterprise treats NULL as a value, whereas Adaptive Server Anywhere does not.
    Sybase在有些环境中,Adaptive Server Enterprise将NULL按值处理,而Adaptive Server Anywhere不是这样。
  4. The default setting for some of these options differs from the Adaptive Server Enterprise default setting.
    这些选项中,有一些的缺省设置与Adaptive Server Enterprise的缺省设置不同。
  5. If language_name and charset_name are not supplied, the Message Agent obtains them from Adaptive Server Enterprise.
    如果未提供language_name和charset_name,则消息代理从Adaptive Server Enterprise获得它们。

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