adaptive pid

  • 自适应PID

adaptive PID的用法和样例:


  1. The system is composted of a high accuracy thermocouple and a 8031 single chip computer while adaptive PID control algorithm is employed.
  2. A new parameters adaptive PID control algorithm is put forward on the basis of Cohen Coon assignment formula.
    在Cohe Coon整定公式的基础上 ;提出了一种参数自适应PID控制算法 .
  3. In addition, this article analyzes the feasibility and way of applying the fuzzy adaptive PID control strategy on PCC platform.
  4. An improved fuzzy adaptive PID algorithm (IFPID) is thus proposed, using PSO algorithm to optimize the preprocessed membership function.
  5. An adaptive PID controller Which utilizes a BP network is also devised in the force control loop. This network can identify the dynamics of the contacting environment.
  6. According to the requirement of smelting process for electrode control system, a fuzzy adaptive PID controller is presented and has been applied to practical control of electrode successfully.
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