adaptive multi-scale FEM

  • 自适应多尺度有限元方法

adaptive multi-scale FEM的用法和样例:


  1. By applying wavelet analysis method to image edge detection,multi scale operator of wavelet analysis functions well for noise resisting ability and picture edge reserving.
  2. The conception of multi-scale Hilbert spectrum entropy(MSHSE)was proposed based on the multi scale analysis character of the local wave method(LWM)and its calculation method was developed.
  3. This paper describes a method to extract multi scale textural information from satellite SAR image using wavelet transformation. Then data fusion between satellite SAR image and TM image is implemented based on the wavelet texture information.
    论述利用小波变换提取合成孔径雷达 (SAR)图像的多尺度纹理信息 ,基于小波纹理信息将SAR图像与TM图像进行融合。
  4. Adaptive Multi - Rate Wideband speech codec
  5. The City Air Pollution Numerical Prediction System (CAPPS) consists of MM5 (or MM4) and the multi scale grid box model based on the integral of the atmospheric advective dispersion equation.
    城市空气污染数值预报系统CAPPS ,是在ADPIC的概念的基础上经过积分求得的大气平流扩散的多尺度箱格预报模型。

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