adaptive change

  • 适应性改变

adaptive change的用法和样例:


  1. In the paper,an adaptive similartaxis strategy that includes the adaptive change of the group sizes and variances is presented through the analysis of similartaxis principles.
  2. When request change, developer or user uses these tools to redescribe the system to adapt changes.
  3. The study on nest-slection of magie in Jinan City showed that: breeding activities impelled the magpie to take adaptive changes in the nest-selection.
  4. Our data suggested that the PACAP precursor gene underwent adaptive changes during human origin and may contribute to the formation of human cognition.
  5. The above findings suggest that the adaptive changes in increase of metabolic turnover rate and function of VEC after cold acclimation may be beneficial to the body to enhance the resistance to frostbite and repairing ability.
  6. In order to adapt changeful market and intended competition pawnbroking need reform, comply with international regulations and innovate in idea, operating, institution service and human resource.
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