Adaptive appearance model

  • 自适应表面模型

Adaptive appearance model的用法和样例:


  1. A robust and adaptive appearance model is proposed. in which the value of each pixel over time is modeled by a mixture of Gaussians.
  2. However, due to some defects in local appearance model, ASM can suffer from changes in illumination and facial expression changes.
    但是由于ASM采用Local Appearance Model,ASM还是会受到诸如光线的强弱变化、人脸表情变化的影响。
  3. We hold and keep this idea to remain the same from beginning to end: Meet the best demand on appearance model and its technological intension in VERITAS.
  4. In this paper, a facial feature point tracking scheme is proposed by integrating Lucas-Kanade optical flow tracking algorithm and the face alignment statistical model, DAM (direct appearance model), together in a Bayesian framework.
    将Lucas-Kanade光流跟踪算法与人脸特征点定位的统计模型dam(direct appearance model)在Bayesian框架下结合起来
  5. Hence we discussed Active Shape Model (ASM)/Active Appearance Model (AAM), compared their advantages and disadvantages respectively, and then uses them for the expression recognition system.
    以前的表情识别研究通常都是用手动定位进行研究,在自动识别系统中很显然行不通,所以本文研究了主动形状模型ASM (Active Shape Model)/主动表观模型AAM(Active Appearance Model),仔细比较了它们的优缺点,并且使之成功应用于整个表情自动识别系统。

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