Acute retinal necrosis syndrome

  • 急性视网膜坏死

Acute retinal necrosis syndrome的用法和样例:


  1. Objective To discuss the clinical therapy of acute retinal necrosis syndrome(ARN) through summary of 5 cases.
    目的 通过 5例病例总结 ,探讨手术治疗急性视网膜坏死综合征 (acute retinal necrosis,ARN)的临床效果。
  2. ObjectiveTo investigate the early diagnosis and treatment of acute retinal necrosis syndrome(ARNS).
  3. Although HSV-1 could cause acute retinal necrosis syndrome (ARN), there were deficiency in evidence of latent HSV-1 in retina.
    HSV-1 可引起急性视网膜坏死综合征,视网膜是否是HSV-1 潜伏的部位,目前缺乏研究。
  4. Method:16 patients (21 eyes) with acute retinal necrosis syndrome (ARN) were examined with fluorescein angiography (FFA),and the angiograms were analysed for the features of ARN.
    方法 :用荧光素眼底血管造影方法检查 16例 (2 1只眼 )急性视网膜坏死综合征患者 ,分析其图像特征。
  5. Objective To evaluate the clinical features and treatment outcomes of acute retinal necrosis syndrome (ARNS) which caused by long-term usage of immunosuppressent drug.
    摘要 目的 观察长期应用免疫抑制药物后发生的急性视网膜坏死综合征(ARNS)患者的临床特征及预后。

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