Acute retina necrosis synthesizes

  • 急性视网膜坏死综合征

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  1. Although HSV-1 could cause acute retinal necrosis syndrome (ARN), there were deficiency in evidence of latent HSV-1 in retina.
    HSV-1 可引起急性视网膜坏死综合征,视网膜是否是HSV-1 潜伏的部位,目前缺乏研究。
  2. Objective:To determine the effects of health education on patients with acute retina necrosis syndrome(ARN) complying with retinal detachment after vitroretinal surgery.
    目的 :研究健康教育对急性视网膜坏死综合征 (acuteretinalnecrosissyndromo ,ARN)并视网膜脱离术后疗效的影响。
  3. Objective To analyze the treatment timing and efficacy of acute retinal necrosis (ARN) syndrome.
  4. Objective To discuss the clinical therapy of acute retinal necrosis syndrome(ARN) through summary of 5 cases.
    目的 通过 5例病例总结 ,探讨手术治疗急性视网膜坏死综合征 (acute retinal necrosis,ARN)的临床效果。
  5. Objective To discuss the methods of the treatment of acute retinal necrosis(ARN).
    目的 探讨急性视网膜坏死的治疗方法。

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