acute myeloid leukemia cell

  • 白血病细胞

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  1. Methods:NMPs were prepared by high salt extraction and immunized rabbit to raise polyclonal antibody which was used to detect the membrance transferred from 2 D gel of nuclear matrix in normal WBC and acute myeloid leukemia cells by Western blot.
    方法 :高盐抽提法制备白血病细胞NMPs ,免疫动物制备多克隆抗体 ,以此作为免疫学探针对正常WBC和白血病细胞NMPs进行双向电泳 ( 2DE)_免疫印迹 (Westernblot)检测。
  2. The results revealed that two cases of amitosis existed in acute myeloid leukemic cells.
  3. Objective:To study the variation of p73 gene expression in the process of acute myeloid leukemia(AML) cell line U937 apoptosis induced by adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
    目的 :探讨三磷酸腺苷 (ATP)诱导 U93 7细胞凋亡过程中 p73 m RNA的表达变化 ,以进一步研究 p73基因在 U93 7细胞凋亡中的作用。
  4. The histological analyses showed renal cell carcinoma in 76.3% of patients, with less frequent evidence of oncocytoma (6.3%) and acute myeloid leukemia (3.8%).

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