acute myeloblastic leukemia

  • 急性成髓细胞性白血病, 急性原始粒细胞性白血病

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  1. C mpl was expressed in 22 of 35 patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia(AML), but did not in 8 patients with ALL.
    35例急性髓系白血病(AML)患者中有22例表达C?mpl,各FAB亚型均有表达。 8例急性淋巴细胞白血病(ALL)患者均无C?mpl表达。
  2. Objective To study the long-term therapeatic effect of high-dose Ara-C(HD-AraC) based protocols on childhood acute myeloblastic leukemia(AML).
  3. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) constitutes 75% of childhood leukemia and acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML) constitutes 20% of childhood leukemia.
    其中急性淋巴细胞白血病(acute lymphoblastic leukemia,ALL)约占75%25,急性髓细胞性白血病(acute myeloblastic leukemia,AML)约占20%25。
  4. Objective The current study was designed to investigate the effect and mechanism of apoptosis of HL-60 cells induced by 131I-GMCSF, and to estimate the value of targeted radiopharmaceutic therapy in patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML).
    目的 观察131I-GMCSF诱导HL-60细胞凋亡及其机制,探讨其在急性髓性白血病放射导向治疗中的作用。
  5. LOH was observed in 5 cases (5/22) of acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML) at D8S559 on 8q22; in 7 cases (7/22) of AML and one case (1/18) of acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) at D8S555 on 8q22 respectively.
    位于8q22上的D8S559位点有5例急性髓细胞白血病(acute myeloblastic leukemia,AML)发生了LOH(5/22),D8S555位点有7例(7/22)AML和1例(1/18)急性淋巴细胞白血病(acute lymphocytic leukemia,ALL)发生了LOH。

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