acute mountain sickness

  • 急性高山病

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  1. In fact, amateurs seem to be at greater risk, because they are more likely to suffer acute mountain sickness or high-altitude cerebral edema.
  2. Carbohydrate metabolism may also be affected by medications taken to prevent acute mountain sickness (AMS), which may induce ketoacidosis.
  3. Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic in dicator parameters and diagnostic criteria of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) complicated from acute mountain sickness (AHD).
    目的 :评估急性高原病 (AHD)合并多脏器功能障碍综合征 (MODS)的诊断标准和依据。
  4. And the psychological stress incidences caused by acute mountain sickness, enviroment inadaptation, and climate inadaptation were the higher, respectively was 54.3%, 33.2%, 25.2%.
  5. Gradual acclimatisation will reduce the incidence of acute mountain sickness and limit the need for medications, both of which may compromise your diabetes control.
  6. High altitude pulmonary edema(HAPE) is a life-threatening acute mountain sickness of rapid ascents of altitude higher than 3000 m. HAPE typically occurs in the first 2-4 days after arrival at high altitude.
    高原肺水肿(High altitude pulmonary edema,HAPE)是一种严重危及生命的急性高原病,常发生于平原初入或再入高原者,多见于海拔3000m以上地区。

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