Acute infarct

  • 急性梗塞

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  1. Thus,DPTI realized a valid method to assess the area of acute infarct myocardium of the left ventricle.
  2. Effects of Transmyocardial Revascularization with Frequency-double Nd:YAG Laser on Myocardial Blood Flow of Acute Infarcted Myocardium in Canine[J].
    引用该论文 蒋桔泉
  3. The average ADC,the(average) relative ADC(rADC),and the ADC or rADC from the center to the periphery of the lesion were calculated. Results The average ADC and the average rADC of hyperacute and acute infarction(lesion) depressed obviously.
    其中超急性8例次,急性期3 5例次,亚急性期2 0例次,慢性期2 5例次,测量各期梗死病灶平均ADC值及平均相对ADC(rADC)值,并分别测量梗死灶中心至病灶边缘的ADC值及rADC值。
  4. The absence of ST segment depression in lead aVL predicts left circumflex artery-associated inferior wall acute infarction with positive predictive value of 82.6% and negative predictive value of 86.4%.
    aVL导ST段无明显下移对判断IRA为回旋支 (LCX)的阳性预测值为82 4%25 ,阴性预测值为 86 4%25。
  5. The patient is complaining of acute earache.
  6. It's acute appendicitis. We ought to operate.

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