Acute coronary artery syndrome

  • 急性冠脉综合征

Acute coronary artery syndrome的用法和样例:


  1. TFPI was lower in acute coronary artery syndrome and local TFPI change is important in coronary artery disease.
  2. Objective To explore the effects of mental intervention for depression on cardiac function in patients with acute coronary artery syndrome(ACAS).
  3. Objective To discuss the content changes of c_reactive protein(CRP) and its influence to prognosis of the acute coronary artery syndrome.
  4. DAI Y.Effect of Simvastatin in earlier period of acute coronary artery syndrome [J].Chinese Journal of Practical Internal Medicine, 2002, 22(6): 343-344.
  5. In order to explore the connection between CK-MB and cTnT in the diagnosis of acute coronary artery syndrome(ACAS), 157 blood samples of patients with surpected ACAS were selected and Their CK-MB and cTnT were determined.
    为探讨心肌型肌酸激酶同工酶 (CK -MB)与心肌肌钙蛋白T(cTnT)在诊断急性冠状动脉综合征 (ACAS)时的相互关系 ,本文选择了 15 7例疑似ACAS患者的血液标本 ,同时进行了CK -MB和cTnT的测定。

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