acuity test

  • 锐度试验

acuity test的用法和样例:


  1. Dynamic visual acuity test and evaluation of vestibular function.
  2. AWS will not accept visual acuity test results that do not comply with regulations.
  3. This paper discusses the importance of the visual acuity test for NDE personnel and the typical practice of ASNT-TC-1A.
  4. It was found that 19 eyes (19/28) had VA improved more than 2 lines in standard logarithm visual acuity test chart , 6 eyes (6/28) had an improvement of more than 1 line and the rest (3/28) remained unchanged.
    结果 :本组 19只 (19/ 2 8)眼激光治疗后 5米标准对数视力表视力提高两行或两行以上 ; 6只眼 (6/ 2 8)视力提高一行 ;
  5. Methods The vernier acuity test soft wear system was developed to detect the 23 cases (39 eyes) of AMD patients. Tweenty-one eyes were atrophic type and 17 eyes were exudative type.
    方法 采用自行研究设计的游标高敏视力检查系统软件 ,对 2 3例 AMD患者 39只眼 (干性型 2 2只眼 ,湿性型 17只眼 )以及正常同龄对照组 2 0例4 0只眼进行高敏视力检查。
  6. Routine eye exams detect macular degeneration by means of a visual acuity test that checks central vision and an ophthalmoscopy, which examines the retina and macula for signs of damage.

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