acuity for defocus

  • 散焦灵敏度

acuity for defocus的用法和样例:


  1. Adaptive filtering and counter filter restoration for defocus blurred image[J].
    引用该论文 胡小平
  2. Visual acuity for the advanced aged group at 1 day, one week and one month after operation was 0 5 or better in 30 eyes, 52 eyes and 74 eyes, respectively.
    高龄老年组术后第 1天、1周和 1个月视力达到或超过 0 5者分别是 30只眼、5 2只眼、74只眼。
  3. Findings for this experiment showed that the optotype acuity for subjects improved from 20/600 and 20/63 in the amblyopic eyes to 20/125 and 20/40, respectively.Binocular vision was also improved.
    这个实验的发现显示,研究对象的视力表敏锐度,两人的弱视眼分别从 20/600 和 20/63 改善到 20/125 和 20/40,双眼视力也获得改善。
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