actuve volt ampere

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  1. The results show that the composite exhibits percolation threshold effect,positive temperature effect and nonlinear volt ampere characteristics.
  2. The volt ampere properties of electrolyte in pulse electrochemical finish machining (PEFM) are investigated in this paper.
  3. Objective To study the specificity of the volt ampere characteristics of acupoints in reflecting the physiological and pathological changes of the human body.
  4. The experiment principle is introduced to verify volt ampere relation of PN junction characteristic experiment. The data measured in the experiment is the data of each step,the final data,curve,and the source code will be prouided altogether.
    介绍了验证PN结伏安关系特性实验的实验原理 ,对实验测得的数据进行处理 ,给出了每一步处理的数据和最后结果数据、曲线 ,提供源代码
  5. The influences of cocrystallizing type electrolyte additive GAT on self discharging characteristic of lead acid battery are investigated by self discharging experiments,cyclic volt ampere method and energy dispersion X ray analysis(EDX).
    :通过自放电实验、循环伏安法及 X射线色散能谱 (EDX)分析 ,研究共晶型电解液添加剂 GAT对铅酸电池自放电性能的影响。

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