actuality and problem

  • 现状和问题

actuality and problem的用法和样例:


  1. Then we take apart the actuality and problem of the medi-organization. From the reformation of the government, we put forward the countermeasure about development medi-organization in China.
    然后剖析我国中介组织发展现状及存在的问题 ,从政府改革与职能转变角度 ,提出发育我国中介组织的对策思考
  2. On the basis of deep investigation this paper analyzes the actuality and problem of environmental protection industry of Tonghua City, and put forwards some countermeasure and suggestion.
  3. Actualization and problem discussion of wastewater zero discharge in power.
  4. This paper dwells on Chinese watercolor art of SUN Zheng-xue in order to explore the actuality and problems existing in Chinese art of today and also to disclose the high value of relationship between art and life and high spirit of art.
  5. On the base of analyzing the actuality and problems, this paper designs the principle for the cheer mechanism of staff training, using Stock Option Theory, and attempts and solves the conflict...
    在对此现状和问题分析的基础上 ,利用职工股权和股票期权理论对职工培训的激励机制进行了原则性设计 ,使企业在员工培训决策中的矛盾得以调和和解决。

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