actual area

  • 实际面积

actual area的用法和样例:


  1. The actual area of land cotton is 2 375.5 hectare and its area of classification is 2 556.74 hectare,the precision of classification reaches 92.91%.
    陆地棉实际种植面积2 375.
  2. However, the total amount of the Land Grant Fee shall be adjusted according to the actual area of the Land measured and confirmed by Party A.
  3. Automated threshold was taken and then adjusted manually by the operator. The pixels of the area was calculated and converted into actual area in mm 2 by the pixels of 1 mm 2 in damaged area.
    利用CPAS的计算功能算出该面积的像素数 ,并转化为实际面积mm2 。
  4. Per captia actual area of cultivated land
  5. He steered into the parking area.
应用 附录 查词历史