activity rating

  • 活动评等

activity rating的用法和样例:


  1. The mean overall Lysholm knee score was 81.4 and the mean Tegner activity rating scale was 5.3.
  2. Therefore, the lacustrine level changes were mainly controlled by the interplay of activity rate and characteristics of the faults, transgression and the climate.
  3. First, different amount of Iodogen was used to act on certain 125 I and FG, then the right amount of Iodogen in single labeling, equal to 1% of FG, was determined according to the labeling rate and activity rate of the products.
    先用不同量的Iodogen作用于一定量的12 5I和FG ,根据产物标记率和活性率 ,选择Iodogen单次用量为FG的 1%25 ;
  4. Preliminary Test of the Werry-Weiss-Peters Activity Rating Scale
  5. The activation rate of Glu-PG by H-UK is two times that by L-UK,but in theactivation of Lys-PG,both H-UK and L-UK showed almost equal rates. The activa-tion rate of Lys-PG by UK is 8-fold that of Glu-PG.
  6. Under the low concentrations (0.1,0.5,1mg/g) of Chlorothalonil, Carbendazim and the mixture of Carbendazim-Chlorothalonil the activation were not clear, while the activation rate still less than 20% under the concentration of 10mg/g and 50mg/g.

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