Activity of root

  • 根系活力

Activity of root的用法和样例:


  1. The resultsindicated that the dry weight and the activity of root,NRA and N/LA increasedcontinuously and were maintained at high levels from anthesis to 10 days afteranthesis.
    结果表明,开花到开花后10天的根干重、根活力、旗叶 NRA 和旗叶叶氮量(N/LA)都继续上升,并维持较高水平;
  2. The result indicated that DPC could increase the content of IAA and Z+ZR in root system of peanut seedling,promote the growth of root system and increase activity of root system.
  3. The biological characterization of the border cell,and the effects of different concentrations of Fe2 + and different time on livability of border cells and PME activity of root cap were studied.
  4. But leaf color (SPAD) descended quickly.The roots grew stagnantly, root length and number of roots stopped increasing, the activity of root and root/shoot ratio descended quickly, and obviously.
    但秧苗叶色(SPAD值)迅速下降, 地下部生长停滞, 根长、根数停止增加, 根系活力迅速下降, 根冠比明显降低。
  5. The activity of roots was increased when the concentration was low, and it was inhibited when the concentration was high.Allelopathy of roots and tops of coriander was similar.

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