actively mode-locked Nd glass laser

  • 主动锁模钕玻璃激光器

actively mode-locked Nd glass laser的用法和样例:


  1. The UV pump radiation was obtained through a sum frequency process of the fundamental and the second harmonic of a CW mode locked Nd: YLF laser, where a novel wald off compensation scheme was adopted.
  2. Experimental study on output of pyrotechnically pumped Nd glass laser[J].
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  3. A pyrotechnically pumped Nd glass laser is demonstrated by the use of pyrotechnic flashlamps composed of several chemical materials arranged in a stable plane concave resonator cavity.
  4. In this paper,we report that the mode locked operation of a flashlamp pumped Nd:YAG laser was realized and a single pulse train was obtained,using the pentamethine cyanine,Cr 4+ :YAG and LiF:F - 2 as saturable absorber respectively.
    本文报道采用五甲川染料、Cr4 +:YAG和LiF :F-2 分别作为可饱和吸收体实现闪光灯泵浦的Nd :YAG激光器的锁模运转 ,得到稳定的单脉冲序列。

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