activeX DLL

  • 动态连接库

activeX DLL的用法和样例:


  1. Can Simply add the class to a project rather than (1) reference an activeX DLL or (2) add an ActiveXX component.
  2. The article shows how to extract bitmap photos in the Microsoft Access 97 database and view them on a Web browser by means of ActiveX DLL and Active Server Pages(ASP).
    通过建立及实现 Active X DLL,介绍了用 ASP(Active Server Pages)技术从 Microsoft Access 97数据库中获取位图并在 Web页中显示的具体方法
  3. One is that all of the key components are encapsulated intoseparate ActiveX DLL components, which are designed with the COM standardmade by Microsoft Co.
  4. ActiveX DLL Development Mode for Tolerance Data
    公差数据的Active XDLL开发模式
  5. Locates the DLL containing the function.
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