active zone

  • 有效区,活动层

active zone的用法和样例:


  1. Neurotransmitter release during synaptic transmission is mediated by presynaptic active zone.
  2. Moreover, HLB-1 expression was not required for the presynaptic active zone morphology.
    而且,HLB-1的表达并非 前突触活动区形态建成所必需。
  3. The belt is a geochemically active zone and is favourable for the migration, concentration and oreforming for gold and related elements.
  4. After being removed from the active zone, which can be mediated by PICK1 and PKC, AMPA receptors may either back to the plasma membrane or to late endosomes and lysosomes for degradation.
    PICK1和PKC可以介导突触膜上AMPA受体的胞吞过程 ,离开突触后 ,AMPA受体或被重新循环利用 ,或被溶酶体最终降解。
  5. Wunan gold deposit is located in the active zone of northern margin of Tarimu plate, which concretely exist in the structure unit of triphibian edge in the late Paleozoic in southern Tianshan.
  6. Depth of Active Zone of Expansive Clay Slope
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