active test

  • 主动测试

Active test的用法和样例:


  1. Between test runs, you can make changes to the code you are testing, to the code of the test methods, or to the active test run configuration.
  2. This means that the test execution engine will adhere to the settings in the active test run configuration when it runs tests.
  3. The lower planes form the "lower self" and are the vehicle used by the higher self while it is living in this active testing ground of incarnate life.
  4. The antimicrobial activity test applied Oxford cipm methods. RESULTS The extraction rate came are 2.11% and 3.79%.
    结果 其得率分别为 2 .;11%25和 3
  5. OBJECTIVE To design and synthesize a series of andrographolide derivatives for anti-HIV activity test.
  6. Fairness and justice is the fairness of the judicial activities test the sole criterion.
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