active switched capacitor filter

  • 有源开关电容滤波器

active switched capacitor filter的用法和样例:


  1. An expert system for bandpass switched capacitor filter design has been built by means of refering a lot of present literatures.
    本文在参考大量现有文献的基础上,建立了一个用于设计带通开关电 容滤波器的专家系统。
  2. In order to divide the signal frequency band in detail and raise the frequency distinguish ability, the anti alias filter is made by using a integrated switched capacitor filter.
    为了对信号频率段进行细分 ,以提高频率分辨率 ,采用集成开关电容滤波器制作抗混滤波器。
  3. The action and demand of the anti alias filter in the system arerecounted. After analyzing the 8-order low pass elliptic switched capacitor filter (MAX293), the antialias filter is developed based on it.
  4. Combining with the design of 8th-order elliptic lowpass filter,a valid computer-aided method to design switched capacitor filters is discussed in this paper.
  5. A New Method of Designing Switch Capacitor Filter

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