Active State Epic

  • 活态史诗

Active State Epic的用法和样例:


  1. The paired APs both run in the ACTIVE state.
    成对的两个 AP 都运行在 ACTIVE 状态下。
  2. The ACTIVE state is the expected state for both APs in an AP pair.
    ACTIVE 状态是 AP 对中两个 AP 都期望的一种状态。
  3. The RCS moves from an ACTIVE state to an OOS state on both APs.
    在两个 AP 上,该 RCS 都会从 ACTIVE 状态变为 OOS 状态。
  4. This command restores an AP DS0 to service (the ACTIVE state).
    该命令使 AP DS0 恢复服务(ACTIVE 状态)。

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