active sonar

  • 主动声纳

active sonar的用法和样例:


  1. Navy research shows active sonar can have a behavioral impact on marine mammals.
  2. A new adaptive data reduction algorithm is presented to display large amounts of data on the computer screen of active sonar system.
  3. With the appearance of the quiet submarine, active sonar is attached much more importance and play a more and more important role.
  4. Based on uniform line array,the sonar equation of active sonar beam main lobe and side lobe interfered by noise-jammer are presented.
  5. BBN has developed the ARTS array vehicle concept specifically to address the formidable problems of low-frequency active sonar sources.
    BBN 已经明确地发展 ARTS 排列车辆观念提出低周波活跃的声纳来源的强大问题。
  6. The U.S.Navy plans to deploy a new submarine detection system, known as Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFA), throughout 80% of the world's oceans.
    在世界的 80%25 的大海各处, 美国海军计划部署一个新的海中发现系统, 即是低的频率活跃的声纳 (LFA) 。

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