active shape

  • 主动形状

active shape的用法和样例:


  1. Active Shape Models (ASM) is one of powerful tools for face alignment and face recognition.
  2. The following example creates two colors, blends them together, and fills the active shape with the blended color.
  3. The Active Shape Model (ASM) method is composed of two parts, global shape model and local texture model, which are all derived from the sufficient landmarks around the shape.
  4. Compared with traditional active shape model, it is more capable to describe face shape.Precision and robustness of face shape matching are improved observably.
  5. Hence we discussed Active Shape Model (ASM)/Active Appearance Model (AAM), compared their advantages and disadvantages respectively, and then uses them for the expression recognition system.
    以前的表情识别研究通常都是用手动定位进行研究,在自动识别系统中很显然行不通,所以本文研究了主动形状模型ASM (Active Shape Model)/主动表观模型AAM(Active Appearance Model),仔细比较了它们的优缺点,并且使之成功应用于整个表情自动识别系统。
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