Active Server Page

  • 活动服务器页

Active Server Page的用法和样例:


  1. Initiates a request for Active Server Page (ASP) resources.
    启动对Active Server Page(ASP)资源的请求。
  2. Terminates a request for Active Server Page (ASP) resources.
    终止对Active Server Page(ASP)资源的请求。
  3. Welcome to the Active Server Pages (ASP) tutorial.
    对活跃的伺候器页 (山杨) 的欢迎个别指导的。
  4. Provides access to the Active Server Pages intrinsic Server object.
    提供对Active Server Page内部Server对象的访问。
  5. Only scripts, such as Active Server Pages scripts, can be run.
    只可以运行脚本(如Active Server Page脚本)。
  6. Use this page of the ATL Active Server Page Component Wizard to specify optional settings for handling information and state related to your ASP component.
    使用“ATL Active Server Page组件向导”的该页指定用于处理ASP组件的相关信息和状态的可选设置。

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