active radar

  • 有源雷达

active radar的用法和样例:


  1. The Sea Eagle AShM is a computer-controlled, all-weather, fire &forget, sea skimming missile. The missile has an active radar target ...
  2. Active radar seeker mostly adopts pulse Doppler monopulse radar system.So it is significant to research on the modeling and simulation of this kind of radar seeker.
  3. Based on an ancient design, the Blackbird carries state-of-the-art electronics and has an active radar system. Though quite fast, the Blackbird lacks any weapons and is vulnerable to Interceptors.
  4. The Astra remains an intriguing project with several unanswered questions surrounding it, not the least of which is where India has gained access to the sensitive active radar seeker technology that the missile requires.
  5. While Doppler Active Radar Seeker (ARS) could be aided SINS by beam velocity all the times and remedy the BDS's default of lacking velocity information and continual working ability.
  6. Active radar seeker receiver signal model
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