active pushing service

  • 主动推送服务

active pushing service的用法和样例:


  1. The Push Service allows the addition of business logic,to provide billing and routing control.
    Push Service 允许添加商务逻辑,提供记录和路由控制。
  2. The Push Service is built on a scalable message delivery architecture that supports large volumes of messages to many different types of devices.
    Push Service 构建于可伸缩的消息传送体系结构之上,支持向多种设备发送大容量的消息。
  3. The Oracle9iAS Wireless Push Service provides a highly scalable mechanism to deliver messages to mobile devices.
    Oracle9iAS Wireless Push Service 服务提供了一个高度可伸缩的机制将消息送达到移动设备。
  4. The application of RSS technology can offer information push service to library website expediently.

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