active position

  • 作用位置

active position的用法和样例:


  1. In first time sexual life the man is in active position none exceptionally almost.
  2. To take an active position in and anti-air war, we must accurately determine the constitution and the intensity of the enemy air-attack firepower system.
  3. To take an active position in an anti-air war, we must accurately determine scale of the enemy air-raid firepower system.
  4. ECE-1 recognizes BigET-1 both at the substrate active position and the C-terminal region and two regions are recognized by this enzyme in a different manner.
    ECE能够识别其底物BigET 1的活性部位和C末端的 2个区域 ,此 2个区域也以不同的形式被该酶所识别。
  5. With the rapid development of radar countermeasures such as electronic jammers and anti-radiation missiles, the active position such as radar is threated strongly.
  6. We will take an even more active position to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges with the view to pushing forward comprehensive opening-up at all levels and sectors and to serving China's modernization drive.

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