active page

  • 活动页

active page的用法和样例:


  1. Refreshes the contents of the active page in the left browser pane.
  2. Called by the framework when the page is made the active page.
  3. In System/370 virtual storage systems, a program interruption that occurs when a page that is marked"not in real storage" is referred to by an active page.
    在IBM System/370虚拟存储系统中,当一个活动页面引用一个标记为“不在实存储器中”的页面时,系统所产生的一种程序中断。同missingpage interruption, page translationexception。
  4. The title bar is the bar at the very top of the Opera application window, which displays the title of your currently active page as well as Opera [version number].
  5. To implement the system, the Perl, a kind of active page design language, which is popular at home and abroad, is used. The method that Perl combines with Sendmail to construct Webmail system is introduced.
    在实现上 ;系统使用了当前国内外较流行的动态页面设计语言Perl;介绍了它在Linux平台上与Sendmail结合构建Webmail邮件系统的方法 .
  6. This means that any user of this site can activate the print function of their browser and receive a "printer friendly" version of the currently active page.
    这就意味着本网站的任何用户可以激活其浏览器的打印功能,并接收到目前激活页面的“printer friendly(适合打印机)”版本。
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