active organic C

  • 易氧化碳

active organic C的用法和样例:


  1. Kirschbuam M U. The temperature dependence of soil organic matter decomposition , and the effect of global warming on soil organic C storage [J ] .
  2. Hunag M,Xiao H A,Tong C L et al.Responses of the microbial biomass P to the changes of organic C and P in paddy soils[J].Sci.Agric.Sin.,2004,37(9):1400-1406.
  3. The controls and optimizations of highly stereoselective reactions of the active organic small- molecules. 3.
    3. 杂环化合物的固相合成及组合化学。
  4. Abstract: The dynamics of soil organic C, N and aggregate stability in sub-alpine grassland soil along a chronosequence of cultivation were investigated.
    摘要 :研究了高山草地土壤有机碳、氮含量以及土壤团聚体稳定性随开垦年限而变化的动力学过程。

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