active metal

  • 活泼金属

active metal的用法和样例:


  1. The catalyst of selectivity catalytic oxidation con- sists of modified Al_2O_3 and active metal oxides.
  2. Active metal Cu is oxygenated in the reaction with water, which prevents the hydrogenation of catalyst.
    有水存在时,活性金属Cu被水氧化,进而抑制了催化剂的加氢性能。 太原理工大学硕士研究生学位论文
  3. The TPO result indicated that the graphitization degree of the CNF depended on the active metal composition.
    TPO结果表明 ;Fe的存在提高了纳米碳纤维的石墨化程度 .
  4. The active metal in the aluminum alloy thermostat housing and radiator are the negative electrodes or anodes.
  5. Zinc is a chemically active metal, but its corrosion products are generally dense and adherent. These two facts explains the value of this metal.
  6. Modified Montmorillonite (MMT) was prepared by impregnating active metal oxide into carrier material which was MMT pillared with zirconium.
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